A downloadable fighting game for Windows

A simple fighting game starring forest animals. The controls are simple, and movement is very unrestricted.

You will get different attacks from button presses, depending on which direction you are holding and wether you are grounded or not (similar to how Smash games are played). Holding the "enhance" button while executing any attack will make it an EX version, costing meter (or health, if meter is lacking).

Default controls:


W- jump/up

A- left

S- crouch/down

D- right

F normal attacks

G- special attacks

H- enhance!


Up- jump/up

Left- left

Down- crouch/down

Right- right

I- normal attacks

O- special attacks

P- enhance!

Install instructions

Currently, the game lacks pad support, so I recommend JoyToKey if that's your thing.


Heart of the Wild.exe 10 MB

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